I completed my first projects in Infography on the Basque coast.

Now in Bordeaux for over four years I completed successfully my course at the infrographics school (ESTEI). This school enabled me to perfect my technical skills which in turn inspire the different projects that I do alongside my course work.

Starting work, almost immediately after the baccalauréat, with professionnals from the world of graphic design, marketing and communication helped me learn skills in varied areas very quickly. Now, by perfecting this experience in a global and massive project, a smartphone application with 3 others co-founders. A great way to use all my experience and skills in domains like Motion Design, Marketing, Web Design, Illustration. I command a wide range of skills at only 29 years old.

Among my skills, I should like to highlight my expertise in Editing, Printing and the Web. I have worked in these three specialities over the past months both during my application project and for my professional projects. I also came back from three months in Iceland for my final internship where I had the chance to work for Artic Adventures.

I am also passionate about art, photography and sport and use my daily life to hone my vision of infography. Should you be interested in working with me, you will find details as to how to contact me hereunder.